Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday Yummies

I come from a family that believes in shameless celebrating when it comes to our birthdays. In fact, we've been known to celebrate a full month when we can get away with it. Really, isn't life supposed to be one big party anyway?

I could not wait to whip up some raw goodies to share for my birthday and started working early in the week to prepare a few treats for everyone to try. Everything was delicious and I thought it all turned out beautifully. Unfortunately only my mom and cousin would even try the raw goodies. (This is what happens when you have a party with your family because my friends would have left nothing. Not a crumb. Yes, beloved family, I'm talking about you and I love you anyway.) So my lesson from this is to no longer tell anyone that anything that I've made is raw. In fact, I'm just not going to claim anything and watch what happens next time. Hehehehehe. Yes, I am that evil!

Now for the eye candy:

Here is a plate of raw chocolate goodies that I whipped up. Seriously, this was the highlight for me.

First I made little chocolate tarts. This is my own recipe that I'm still working on. They were wonderful, but I haven't quite tweaked it just yet to perfection.

Next I made Heather Paces MoonPie's except I made them into bite sized pieces. I can not stress to you how wonderful this recipe is. Go to for her book. I even made the peace crane decorations for a festive flare!

Now for the cake. Once again I used one of Heather's recipes. This one from Just Desserts. This is the strawberry lime mousse cake. Fantastic! It is very crisp and delightful and quite the show stopper topped with all those lucious strawberries.

I'm still enjoying the leftovers and grateful that I didn't make the other two raw cakes that I had planned as well. I'd have to invite everyone over to help eat it all!

Happy day, oh Happy DAY!

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