Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NYC Here we come!

A few weeks ago I got a call from my friend, Katie who was almost squealing with excitement over her news from the Today Show. She had been approved to adopt a dog from their Bow to Wow segment and she was thrilled. His name was Wally and it was recommended that he would be a great therapy dog. YAY!!! He was exactly what Katie was looking for. She has wanted to use therapy dogs for cancer patients for the longest time and already has two wonderful therapy dogs for her massage therapy practice, but neither of them was quite the fit to take to the treatment center. Once she saw Wally on the Today Show segment she was convinced that he was the dog she had been waiting for.

I was just as excited as Katie when she asked me to go on the trip with her. We have worked together for many years to put together programs for this particular population. Katie has helped many patients through massage therapy, reflexology and guided imagery and hypnosis to name a few modalities that she uses. I have also worked closely with this population using raw foods, Laughter Yoga, color therapy, coloring therapy and artwork among many other techniques that I utilize. Together we have put many years into research and have diligently worked towards our personal and unified goals to provide service and hopefully a moment of respite to individuals going through various cancer treatments.

Oh yes, I really wanted to go to NYC too! I haven't been in a long time and it would definitely be a great opportunity to check out some raw restaurants!

I've included the link from the Today Show here. Be sure to check out our boy Wally. He is a beauty!!


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