Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Persimmon Pudding!

Ok, I obviously made this recipe awhile back based on the picture - Halloween! However, I really wanted to share this delicious recipe before all the persimmons are gone! Bare with me because nothing will be exact because I tend to not measure when I'm creating in the kitchen. I just taste and play. If you are willing to experiment I promise that you will be pleasantly surprised. This is just such a yummy treat.
I used:
- about a cup of persimmon puree
- the meat of 2 young Thai coconuts
- and about 1/2 cup of either coconut water or brazil nut milk - I've done it both ways
- about a half to one teaspoon each of cinnamon, tumeric and ginger (1 inch of fresh ginger root)
- 1 Tbs of agave nectar
I topped off the pudding with hemp seeds for an very seasonal & delicious treat.
Sorry that this is so breif and not very informative but I've been promising to share this for awhile so it's kinda a quick treat. Feel free to experiment and enjoy!
I love you!

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